How to recover an AOL mail data or password

Sometimes when you move your AOL data to a new computer, you might need to recover the data files from your old computer to store it in the newer one. And to recover it, you just need to back up the files or data. Also as everyday users of email, it is very common for people to lose or forget their passwords from time to time and this happens quite often. It is also the same for AOL email users. Recovering lost or forgotten AOL email passwords can be fixed by simply applying some steps. So for the sole purpose of the above-mentioned problems, this blog has been created. If you want to know how to recover an AOL mail data or password, keep reading this blog or if you want, you can contact the representatives at AOL Email Customer Support number.

To recover AOL mail data.

To recover AOL mail data that has been saved on your computer, follow the steps below:

  • First things first, log in to your AOL using your screen name and make sure that AOL isn’t running.
  • Now explore your computer for a file that starts with your ‘screen name’ and ends with ‘.abi’.
  • Now, depending on the version of AOL you are using, either go up one directory to the ‘C_America Online 9.0’ folder or go up one directory from the ‘organize’ folder.
  • You need to rename the organize folder to ‘’.
  • Again, go up to another directory and in a new windows explorer window, search for the folder containing the backup copy of the file.
  • Now, highlight the backup organize folder and press CTRL+ C.
  • Switch back to AOL window and highlight the ‘C_America online 9.0’ folder and press CTRL+ V.
  • Now log on to AOL and check if the data files have been recovered.

Recover AOL password.

To recover you AOL email password you need to either:

  • Retrieve the password from the ‘password manager’ of your AOL mail account.
  • Retrieve it from any keylogger, video recording or any other location that has recorded your password.
  • You can also retrieve it from AOL or an offsite storage package and hash a password dictionary with the appropriate seed.

Use these methods to recover AOL data and password on your computer. For further technical queries or help, dial AOL email technical support number to gain access to a team of qualified employees who are certified and experienced in handling AOL email problems.