How to Export AOL Contacts to Gmail in CSV file

The task of exporting AOL contacts to another mail is as burdening as it sounds. But if you apply the right method and steps, this task can be accomplished within minutes. However, for some, there are yet many hurdles to overcome while laying out the steps and procedure. This is mainly due to the fact that the ‘language’ that has been employed to explain the steps become too complicated for the user to understand. So, if you want to refer to a blog that has all the steps laid down in a simple and easy to understand format, you may proceed to continue reading this content. Or if you prefer to get the help from certified professionals, you can do that too by calling AOL customer support number.

To export AOL contacts to Gmail in a CSV file isn’t that complicated, to begin with. However, if you miss out on even a single step you might have to repeat eth entire procedure all over again. So you need to pay attention to the steps that have been mentioned below and follow them exactly the way it has been written.

How to export AOL contacts to Gmail

You may not have to proceed with any complicate steps if you have only a handful of contacts in your AOL contact list because you can do that manually. But for the people working in big businesses and companies, the contact list has hundreds of contacts and manually exporting them could be time-consuming.

So if you want to continue with exporting AOL contacts to Gmail, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • To begin, you must first log in to your AOL email account and select ‘contacts’ from your account.
  • Since you need to export all of the contacts from the list, click on ‘select all’.
  • After that, choose ‘export’ and select the file format, which would be ‘CSV’ in this case.
  • Now, look for a suitable location for the files to be saved and click on ‘export’.

The steps are simple and easy to understand so you will have no difficulty in following them. However, if you confront any technical issue or complications while executing the steps, you can call AOL technical support number to get instant help from certified representatives who are proficient in the field of AOL email.